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A guide to use Conditional Logic in Divi Contact Form

This is a post by Abhishek written for elegant enthusiast blog. He discuss about How To Use Conditional Logic in Divi Contact Form….

How to use Divi’s Conditional Logic feature in contact form

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Make Contact Form 7 To Look Like Divi Contact Form Module

Looking for the power and versatility of CF7 but don’t like it’s default look, check out this tutorial and learn how to add columns and pretty it up to look like Divi’s own contact form….

Make Divi contact form button fullwidth

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Add mask to contact form

Learn how to add mask to contact form in Divi theme. I’ll show you a quick way to add a mask to any field that you need inside your contact form. Hope to help somehow!

Create a Quote Form Using Contact Form Module in Divi

This is a post by Jason Champagne written for elegant themes blog. He discuss about How to Create a Quote Form With Divi’s Contact Form Module. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“Today, I’m going to walk you through the process of building a simple yet powerful quote form using conditional logic to better qualify leads. I will also be adding a few advanced design features using custom CSS that will make the form even cleaner and more readable…”

Microinteractions That Will Make Your Divi Site More Enjoyable

“Today I’m going to show you some simple microinteractions that work seamlessly with Divi. Some of the more advanced microinteractions require more advanced jquery to implement. But, for this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add some animations using only CSS. I’ll be concentrating on those elements that users normally interact with – buttons, icons, images, and forms….”

How to Style Gravity Forms to Look Like Divi

In this tutorial owe show you how to style Gravity Forms to match Divi's default design, plus a few other fun styles that you can easily alter to match your own brand….

Change the colour of the placeholder text in Divi contact form module

I’m trying to change the colour of the placeholder text in a divi contact form module. How to do this?

Form in footer widget area

Is there a way to add a form into the footer widget area using the in-built form module? I could add a contact form 7 but seeing as the form is already there it would be great too use it….