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Divi Blurb Icon Background Line

I came across this tip while visiting another site and thought i’d share it here. Basically it uses two Divi modules to create the look you see below. By combining the Blurb module and Divider module in the right stacking order and minimal CSS you can easily…

Add a line under a header

This is a really quick tutorial on how to add a line underneath a header using the built in divider module on the Divi theme…

Divider Module Shortcode

Here we are with another shortcode, today we will see how Divider Module Shortcode works. Divider Module specifies the division between any two sections or parts of the content at your page. It is very easy-to-use module and takes less time to understand. You can put the given code wherever you want to insert such […]

Full Width Specific Height Parallax Image Section

Demonstrating a full width image set at a specific height (600px) in a Parallax section. Row Settings Standard Section One Column Row Make This row fillwidth = Yes Use Custom Gutter Width = Yes Gutter Width = 1 Row Advanced Settings Background Image…



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