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Make Divi filterable portfolio open in a new tab

Is there any way to make the filterable portfolio opens in a new tab?

How to center align filtering buttons in filterable portfolio module

This is a post by PK written for almost inevitable blog. He discuss about How to center align buttons in filterable portfolio module….

Filterable blog posts in Divi

This is a post by Adam written for adam haworth blog. He discuss about How to filter posts in Divi using the same effect as the portfolio filter module….

How to add URL to Filterbar Portfolio image

Do you have a solution to add a URL to each image in the Filterbar Portofolio module when i click the images and sill keep the same title under the images?

How to Add Full Width Filterable Portfolio to Divi Theme

“In this tutorial we will implement a full width filterable portfolio which is common request in the Divi Community. Actually, what we will do is change the normal filterable portfolio with some custom modules in order to be working as full width too…”

Moving Filterable Portfolio module to child theme

If you want to add some custom features to your filterable portfolio module and you don’t want to lose the changes when you update/reinstall then you need to use child theme. Firstly you need to redefine the filterable portfolio module in child theme and then you can add any changes to the filterable portfolio module…

Dynamic Filterable Portfolio Text

This tweak is in response to a request I received recently. As soon as I read it, I realized it was a great idea and would come in handy for myself and others. Thank you Liv for the request! Liv wanted to add text to the Filterable Portfolio modules just below the filter buttons and above the grid of images. When each filter button was clicked, the text would change accordingly. It would basically be an introduction or description of the category the user had just clicked on…

Change Divi Filterable Portfolio Grid Thumbnail Sizes

“The Divi Theme‚Äôs filterable portfolio module gives you the option of displaying your projects as a series of thumbnails (grid view)…..”