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Gradient Mouse Position Effect on Full-Width Header in Divi

“Give Divi’s Header a stunning gradient effect Eleganttheme’s Divi is one of those WordPress themes, which gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to customizing, adding stuff and experiment around with. With the following code snippet I show you how to create an…”

Turn Divi Full-width header into NON-Full-width header

The Full-width header looks perfectly on my 15-inch laptop’s screen. However, it doesn’t look very good on 22-inch screens.
Is there a way to make this header Non-Full-width…

Fullwidth Header – Scroll Down button not working

Enabling HIDE NAVIGATION UNTIL SCROLL (either on the page or via the Customizer) seems to stop the ‘Scroll Down’ button on my Full Width Header from working (clicking it does nothing)….

Vertical text positioning in full width header

I am using a full width header module. I need to move the text/content position up, please could you let me know what to do….

How to set a background Video using Divi header

This tutorial shows you how to add a video as a background using divi theme header module…

Open Fullwidth Header Button Links In New Window

I am working on a project for a local festival and needed the ability to open a fullwidth header button’s link into a new window. Here is how I accomplished this. Step 1 Go to the fullwidth header section and add a CSS ID of “newwindow”. Do this…

Full Width Header Clickable Background Image

I saw this asked in a Facebook group and I have recently been asked to provide a step by step on how to add the functionality to a divi full width header module

This was only intended to be a quick fix solution and will only work if you have a free button from the two available in the full width header module. If both buttons are in use you will need to find another solution….

How to open the Divi Fullwidth Header module’s first button (Button #1) in a new tab

Here’s a quick tip on how to open the Divi Fullwidth Header module’s first button…

How to Move Down Arrow Down in FullWidth Header Module in Divi

Divi is such a powerful theme and really like the fullwidth header module…BUT, one thing that annoys me to no end is the dang down arrow position on mobile devices! Easy fix, though…

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