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How to add a logo to full-width menu within a full-width section in Divi

This is a post by Tanya R. Quintieri written for wp for translators blog. She discuss about Adding a logo to your Full-Width Menu in Divi….

Divi Full Width Menu Shortcode

Today we will have another shortcode to use which will allow adding the navigate menu wherever we want on our webpage. The name of the module which allows you to have this feature is said to be Divi Full Width Menu. The good thing about this one is that it can also be…

Use a different navigation menu for your full site and your mobile site

“So many ways to accomplish things with the power of Divi and one of those is a true mobile solution. Not going to knock people for using the responsive look, but why not deliver an interactive look and feel for those visiting your site via a mobile device. This post I am going to focus on that….”

how to add Text to Full Width menu module

This is how to add Text to Fullwidth menu module. I use fullwidth menu for my categories pages. 1 page/1 category and I use Fullwidth menu to link theme together. However the toggle menu without text are not user friendly as It already has one on the top (main menu) So I put some text right after the hamburger to make it more user friendly….