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Creative ways to use Divi’s new image backgrounds and box shadows effects

This is a post by Donjete written for elegant themes blog. Every week Divi’s built-in design controls get more and more powerful. In this post we dive into some of the newest ones to show how creative you can get with image backgrounds and box shadows….

Creative ways to use Image Borders in Divi

This is a post by Donjete written for elegant themes blog. Divi’s new advanced design features allow for some serious creativity. In this post the writer shows us how she was able to create some fantastic image borders that require zero additional code….

Create a ‘featured on’ logo gallery with Divi

This is a post by Adam written for adam haworth blog. He discuss about How to make a clean client logo gallery with Divi….

Image Hover Zoom Effect in Divi Theme

“Adding a zoom effect to an image on hover isn’t enormously difficult and it creates interest and, if you have a link on the image, gives some visual feedback. “

Microinteractions That Will Make Your Divi Site More Enjoyable

“Today I’m going to show you some simple microinteractions that work seamlessly with Divi. Some of the more advanced microinteractions require more advanced jquery to implement. But, for this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add some animations using only CSS. I’ll be concentrating on those elements that users normally interact with – buttons, icons, images, and forms….”

Don’t display alternative text in Lightbox

Is it possible to write something in the alternative text of the image module and NOT display the alternative text when you click on the image and open it in the Lightbox?

Divi Image Module Shortcode

By using the image module of DIVI theme we can upload the image to our WordPress site in a proper manner. This module automatically decides the size of the image. We can upload the single image or collection of images on the first page as per our desired design. We can upload the image to any place of the website page with animation and image title…