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Decrease loading time of Post Slider Module

This is a post by Sofian written for sundari web design blog. He discuss about Decrease loading time by using smaller background images in the Post Slider Module….

Style Divi’s Post Slider Module like Facebook Newsroom’s Post Slider

This is a post by John Donnellon written for elegant themes blog. He discuss about How to Style Divi’s Post Slider Module like Facebook Newsroom’s Post Slider…

Remove Blog Title on Blog Slider Module

I would like to remove the title of the blog post from the blog slider….

Divi Post Slider Module Shortcode

Developers wants to construct the ultimate and beautiful WordPress website which will attractive to all and he wants to arrange the all of the post or desired number of post on the same page of the WordPress site. This can be done with Full Width Post Slider module of the Divi theme. Post Slider module provides the way in which developer can arrange the one or more than one post that he needs to display. We can choose the number of that we would like to display. We can also manage the order of post as we want to display on the website screen….

Style Divi’s Post Slider Module Like Tesco Living

Today we continue our series on styling the Divi Post Slider module. We’re using model sliders from well-known blogs around the web and attempting to recreate their appearance in Divi. These tutorials allow us to explore the Divi Post Slider module in-depth, pushing it’s flexibility to the limit. In today’s post, our model is the post slider found on the Tesco Living website…

Style Divi’s Post Slider Module like Brit + Co’s

One of the decisions faced when using a post slider in your website design is choosing which post elements to present to the user. Post elements to consider are the title, meta, excerpt, featured image, and post content. Complete control over individual slider elements will give you greater flexibility in your design. Today’s project demonstrates how to customize the Divi Post Slider module using CSS to display (or hide) and style very specific post elements….

Style Divi’s Post Slider like Design Milk

Post sliders are a commonly used design element for online publications. They’re a great way to emphasize recent posts or specific post categories. Post sliders present your content to your audience rather that waiting for them to find it. The appearance of your post slider will often determine whether or not your audience is enticed to read a post….

Moving Post Slider module to child theme

If you want to add some custom features to your Post Slider module and you don’t want to lose the changes when you update/reinstall then you need to use child theme. Firstly you need to redefine the Post Slider module in child theme and then you can add any changes to the module. Here are the steps you need to follow to move Post Slider module to child theme…

Make Divi Post Slider Module Image into a Clickable Link to the Post

“Ever wish you could click anywhere on your Divi Builder Post Slider module and be taken to the post, rather than having to aim for the “read more” button. Now you can… The following jQuery grabs the post URL from the read more button and sends you…”