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Jazz up Divi pricing tables with zoom forward effect

This is a post by Robert written for divi notes blog. He discuss about a trick to jazz up your pricing tables with zoom forward effect….

Pricing Cards Section Free Divi Layout

This is a post by LePasi written for teqme blog. He discuss about Pricing Cards Section : A Free Divi Layout. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“To celebrate the good vibe we got for our first freebie two weeks ago ( elegant feature cards ) we decided to give you yet another…”

How to change Divi pricing tables based on plans

This tutorial shows how to change pricing tables based on plans. It’s an awesome feature if you are selling products or services on the internet and want to show different plan prices based on payment methods…

Add Vertical Separator Between Two Pricing Tables

I have two separate pricing tables on this page and I would like to create a vertical line to visually separate the two….

Pricing table with 6 column in a row

Is there any way I can have more than 4 columns in the pricing table module…

Separate Backgrounds for Divi Pricing Tables

This quick tip will show you how to have separate background images or colors on your Divi pricing tables….

Style a Beautiful Pricing Table in Divi

Pricing tables can be a hugely important element for converting a potential customer into a full-fledged buyer. While your pricing table has a very specific role within your site (that of providing information), it also offers the opportunity to catch the eye with its design. Simply put, an attractive…

Divi UI Challenge #2 – Pricing Table

Welcome back and welcome to our second Divi UI Challenge! Divi UI Challenges are a weekly challenge we’ve set ourselves where we design, build, show-you-how and then share… This week we’ve pulled together a simple but nice looking 3 Column Pricing Table…

Create a Monthly/Annual Switch for Pricing Tables

“Creating a pricing table switch can help you simplify the layout of your pricing table. This has both marketing and design benefits. Below is an example. The table itself was designed quickly, but the code works for any design. MONTHLY/ANNUAL Service 1 $100/month…”

Pricing Table Shortcode

Pricing Table Shortcode Pricing table module can be used to create attractive price table that compares different features between different products. You can use this on any of the sales page or on business page and can also define the features available in that package. Below is the Pricing Table shortcode:- [crayon-57ca551686ad6620299493/] The above shortcode […]