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Add More Columns to Your Divi Builder Posts or Pages

In today’s post we’ll be showing you how to add more columns to your rows using the Divi Builder without the use of a plugin or shortcodes. This way you can add any number of columns to organize Divi modules of any type. Do you need a ten column layout to display client logos or portfolio pieces using the Image Module? Do you need a six column layout to list your company services using the Blurb Module? Well, you can! And the best part is, you can still edit the modules in these columns using the Divi Builder….

Keep column from not wrapping

I am doing a 5 column, full width section and would like to keep the column from wrapping across all platforms….

Divi Article Card 4 Columns

I am using the article card divi 100 plugin at the bottom of my home page. I would prefer that it show 4 posts there instead of 3. How can I make that happen?

Build a Responsive Fixed Sidebar with Smooth Scrolling Anchor Links

Today we’ll be showing you how to use the specialty section in the Divi Page Builder to create a responsive fixed (or sticky) sidebar menu with smooth scrolling anchor links (or jump links)….

Superposicion Contenidos Divi

Cómo superponer contenidos de distintas características con el tema Divi para WordPress. Presentación del tutorial Divi En este tutorial divi vamos a crear un ejercicio en el que se va a superponer una sección y todo su contenido sobre otra sección. La…

Divi UI Challenge #6 – Phone App Promo

For this week’s Divi UI Challenge we bring you a Phone App Promo Section. We utilised some (very simple) image/graphic-editing tools for this tutorial, and, as usual, we pulled this one together using mainly the standard Divi Builder…

Split Background Image In Divi Page

A post in a Facebook group let me create a layout like this. Resource: You need Divi. Procedure: Create a standard row with 1/2 + 1/2 module. Put a text module in the left column and put content in it. Open “Section Module Setting”. Add a new background…

Add transparent Color Overlays to Sections

Learn how to add transparent Color Overlays to Sections. A client uploaded a bright background image and made the overlying text unreadable. This is how you can setup a transparent Color Overlay that will always be there…no matter what image your client uploads…

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