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Turning the Divi Tabs module into a “filterable” image gallery

This is a post by Rob Hobson written for divi notes blog. He discuss about Using The Divi Tabs Module To Create A Filterable Image Gallery. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
In a recent project I was asked to create a filterable image gallery. As Divi doesn’t do this out of the box, I had to look for options, one of them being Essential Grid but as I didn’t want to fork out for a plugin that would have been overkill, I decided to see if I could turn the Divi Tabs module into the same kind of thing and, with a little bit of tinkering, I managed to come right….

Tab module Shortcode

Again here we are with new stuff in which is the Title Bar Shortcode and it will help to design a good WordPress site. If you really get rid off with the creation of title bar manually then just copy the code and paste it wherever you want on your website. Here is the title […]


When using Divi Theme, have you ever wished that you can easily nest another module within a module? Finally I was able to achieve it by using these steps.