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Create a scrolling image on hover – Great for previews or to showcase something

Recently I’ve seen a number of folk ask how to reproduce the scrolling image effect that seems to becoming more popular these days so I decided to figure it out and create a tutorial on how to do it. You can check it out on in here…

Two Line Titles for a More Responsive Layout in Divi

“When you write a title it’s a reasonably assumption that it is only going to take up one line. But that isn’t always the case and if the row is narrowed, the title may wrap onto a second line, pushing everything below it down the page and miss-aligning other elements…”

Simple drop caps

“Learn how to create a simple drop caps in your Divi theme projects. It’s just some CSS targeting the first letter of a Text Module. Check it out now!”

Add A Bio Hover Effect To Team Member Photos

“In this tutorial we are going to show you how to add a simple effect to your team member photos that will display a small bio when you mouse over them. All of this is done with the Divi Text Module and a few painless copy and pastes of code….”

Add Pull Quotes to Divi Posts and Pages

We’re going to show you how you can add uniquely styled pull quotes to your Divi posts or pages using the blockquote tag and custom CSS….

How to Vertically Align Text?

I would like to vertically center the text on Divi text module…

Hover effect on text module

I’d like to create hoover effect (change background colour) on my text modules. How to do this?

Tutorial Divi. Diseño con bloques de texto

Existen ocasiones en las que tu web “no te pide” una imagen, o un vídeo, sino que te pide a gritos un diseño distinto, con otros recursos o sólo con bloques de texto….

4 efectos de sombra para los titulares de texto

En este post vamos a compartir contigo algunos fragmentos de código CSS que nos permitirán aplicar interesantes efectos de sombra a los textos. Estos efectos se han extraído de la web y la verdad es que son muy molones….

Add custom Google Fonts to Divi

Divi comes with many Google fonts, but not all of them. Read more to learn how to seamlessly add your Google font of choice to Divi’s options.



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