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Divi Video Module Shortcode

Divi theme provides an easy and better way to upload the video in our pages and posts. We can add the video on our page by simply using the Divi video module. We can add or upload the self- produce videos in the form of WEBM, MP4 file format by using the Video Module settings or we can also add the video link to upload the video on our pages and posts….

Use Divi animated elements (such as the circle number counter) in videos

A helpful tutorial on how to use Divi animated elements (such as the circle number counter) in videos.

How To Enable “One-Click” Play Functionality In The Divi Video Module

**This tutorial only applies if you are using YouTube or Vimeo videos** The Divi Video Module is an extremely easy and intuitive way to insert videos into your pages and posts. Within the Video...

Remove Youtube Video Suggestions

When a youtube video finishes, it shows some suggestions even if we are using the embed code of video in video module of divi and we can remove these youtube video suggestions.

Follow given steps to remove the suggestions from the video.

Assign a css id to video module (say = nosuggestion)…

Running YouTube videos in a monitor frame

This example shows a YouTube video in a Video module in Divi, surrounded by a monitor frame.

Although this example is created specifically for the video that you see here, it should give you an idea on how to adjust the dimensions to any type of frame if needed….

How to add a video background to your website

In this Divi 2.4 tutorial I show you step by step how to add a video background on your website using Divi 2.4 and WordPress…

How to Remove YouTube Related Videos in Divi

Problem: you embed a youtube video on your site and then when it’s done YouTube displays ‘related videos’ – and who KNOWS what folks will see! I did this one site for a professional medical group and after the intro video played, literally one…

Videos in a monitor frame in Divi

Divi makes it pretty easy to insert videos from almost any source in any page with the Video module. This is really great and saves a lot of hassle to developers.

The videos can be made even nicer looking if they have a frame around them. Some like a chalkboard, some a window of a house or a monitor. This can not be done out of the box, but a bit of CSS tweaking can produce a very nice result. To show you an example…

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