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Easily Add Documentation to Your Divi site using a simple plugin

ET recently updated their own documentation and it got them thinking that this might be an issue many in the community are interested in for their own products/services….

How to do A/B Test using Divi builder

In this video we are showing you how to run a very simple A/B Test on your WordPress page using the Divi Builder….

How to create a mobile app to your Divi Site

“Making sure your WordPress website is mobile ready has never been more critical. After all, mobile users now make up the majority of online traffic. That means you have to do everything in your power to make sure their experience is as good as possible….”

How to Style Gravity Forms to Look Like Divi

In this tutorial owe show you how to style Gravity Forms to match Divi's default design, plus a few other fun styles that you can easily alter to match your own brand….

Create a Custom WordPress Dashboard for Your Clients

When you turn a website over to a client to edit and maintain, they are going to have many questions. Even making basic content changes requires some knowledge on WordPress and Divi. What better way to save you from numerous potential questions than to have a custom dashboard with links and resources that the client can have access to every time they log into their site….

Calendar Plugin for Divi

I’d like to know if there is one plugin compatible with Divi Theme or which one is recommended for that….

Getting Started with WooCommerce and Divi

In this post, we’ll go into detail about why we love WooCommerce, and why it’s integrated with Divi. We’ll also show you how to set it up and walk you through publishing your first product using the Divi Shop module….

Read More Expandable Content

Is there a way to add a read more link to expand content? I’d like to limit my testimonials to x characters so that they don’t take up as much space and so that they are of equal height. When the visitor clicks the read more link I’d like the testimonial to expand to display all the text….



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