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Divi 3 vs Monstroid 2 – What’s Your Best Multipurpose WordPress theme?

Recently, the worldwide web has seen so many releases of multipurpose ready-made designs that it may become really tough to make the right choice of the most optimal solution that would meet your personal or business needs ideally. In an attempt to pick the best multipurpose WordPress theme we have decided to take a look at the two of the most popular solutions on the contemporary market. These are Monstroid 2 and Divi 3. Let’s see what features both giants store under the hood in a review….

Easily Add Documentation to Your Divi site using a simple plugin

ET recently updated their own documentation and it got them thinking that this might be an issue many in the community are interested in for their own products/services….

How to create a mobile app to your Divi Site

“Making sure your WordPress website is mobile ready has never been more critical. After all, mobile users now make up the majority of online traffic. That means you have to do everything in your power to make sure their experience is as good as possible….”

Cloudways – Review of a Feature Rich WordPress Managed Hosting Provider

Do you have a website? If you have one, then I am sure you are well aware of the term, hosting platform. If not, then maybe you are new to this business, let me enlighten you a bit. A hosting platform or a web hosting service enables individuals to take their business online. Web hosting service come in different forms ranging from shared servers to virtual private servers. However, today I am going to shed light on a new concept that has recently gained considerable attention in the digital world.

Create a Website Questionnaire and Documentation for Your Clients

In this post, which is the first of a new series about the benefits of creating client documentation, Josh Hall shows us an example of his Website Questionnaire and why it’s useful in running his Divi design business.

Quick tips on using Database Search and Replace

An easy solution to updating the links in your database.

Here’s how to move from Divi to StudioPress or another theme

Here’s how you can use the Divi Builder plugin and the Genesis DamBuster plugin to move away from the Divi 3 theme, and into a StudioPress theme…

Demos of all released ET Layouts

Here’s an excellent resource where you can find live demos of all currently released Elegant Themes Predefined layouts and other free layouts they released to the community….

Setting up ElasticSearch on Divi based WordPress Websites

The main reason behind this phenomenon is the fact that WordPress default search is a combination of queries comprising of LIKE and %query%. For this reason, the default search does not permit fluffy inquiry and often fail to perform.

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