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Create Section Chapters in Divi

This is a post by Donjete written for elegant themes blog. Don’t you just love long scrolling web pages with creative little section dividers and headings? Which is why in this post the writer demonstrates how using nothing but Divi’s built in design features you can create your very own creative section “chapter headings”….

Creative ways to use Divi row alignment options

This is a post by Donjete written for elegant themes blog. In this post writer shows us how to creatively use Divi’s brand new row alignment options with another excellent tutorial that requires absolutely no code….

Creative Sectional Dividers in Divi

This is a post by Donjete written for elegant themes blog. Everyone loves a good section transition, where one area of a website stylishly gives way to another. For a long time this meant getting creative with custom code or third party plugins for Divi users. Now it’s as easy as implementing the right settings in your advanced design settings tab….

Creative ways to style Divider Module

This is a post by Donjete written for elegant themes blog. In this tutorial the writer dives deep into the new advanced design settings of the Divi Builder to create ten fun divider designs you can complete with absolutely no code required….

Usar seudoelementos para crear separadores de sección en Divi

A veces añadir separadores de sección nos permite estructurar nuestros contenidos de una forma más práctica y visual. En esta ocasión vamos a crear un separador con un seudoelemento, esto es, un cuadrado del mismo color del fondo de la sección y rotado 45º para crear el efecto de punta de flecha apuntando a la sección siguiente. Puedes ver el resultado al final del post….

Add Vertical Separator Between Two Pricing Tables

I have two separate pricing tables on this page and I would like to create a vertical line to visually separate the two….

Diagonale Linien zwischen Abschnitten erstellen

Mit Hilfe des Divi Page Builder lassen sich problemlos Bereiche farblich voneinander trennen – allerdings nicht mit diagonalen Linien. Möchte man nun verschiedene Bereiche nicht mehr nur mit einer langweiligen horizontalen Linie voneinander trennen, gibt es…

How to create webpage section separators in the Divi Theme

The Divi theme is a great tool that you can use to make a website. If you want to make your webpages look more interesting by using different transitional shapes between sections. This Divi theme tutorial will show you how to do it. In this video I’m using the Divi Theme, but you can use this same technique with just about any WordPress Theme….

Divi Blurb Icon Background Line

I came across this tip while visiting another site and thought i’d share it here. Basically it uses two Divi modules to create the look you see below. By combining the Blurb module and Divider module in the right stacking order and minimal CSS you can easily…

Make a Fancier Divider Horizontal Line with Divi

A quick CSS snippet to take a basic horizontal line (divider) to a fancier one with tapered edges. Uses the BEFORE pseudo class which is super simple to apply with Divi…