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How to create variable sidebar in Divi

This is a post by Sofian written for sundari web design blog. He discuss about creating different sidebars on pages or posts…

Pin a call to action to the side of a page

Check out this tutorial on how to made a fixed flag on the side of your page which you can use for a Call To Action of whatever else you can imagine….

Disable Sidebars in Divi Theme

“We are not huge fans of sidebars. Here is the argument against them…. They narrow your page. Modern design tends to favour wider layouts. Widescreen devices are very standard on the desktop. If you prefer longer pages and posts, having a sidebar makes for an awful….”

Remove Sidebars From Divi

“Removing the Sidebar from Divi’s default page template can easily be done when you are using the Divi Builder. However, since the default template still shows on pages like 404’s and archives, you may want to take out the sidebar from your template altogether.…”

Remove sidebar on product page

How can i remove sidebar on all product page automatically?

Build a Responsive Fixed Sidebar with Smooth Scrolling Anchor Links

Today we’ll be showing you how to use the specialty section in the Divi Page Builder to create a responsive fixed (or sticky) sidebar menu with smooth scrolling anchor links (or jump links)….

Linie zum Header und zur Sidebar entfernen

Auch wenn man das Design des Divi Themes gut anpassen kann, so gibt es doch einige Elemente, die sich nicht über die Einstellungen anpassen lassen. Das gilt auch für die Trennlinie zur Sidebar und die Linie unter dem Header. Wer eine dieser Linien oder auch beide…

Divi Floating Contact Form

You can create sliding panel with any Divi module by combining below two plugins and enabling custom post type support. This may come handy if you want to set up floating contact form in Divi theme…

Remove the Divi Sidebar from BuddyPress and bbPress Pages

The popular Divi WordPress theme by Elegant Themes has easy, built-in controls for choosing how the sidebar works on posts and pages. However, if you install the latest BuddyPress or bbPress plugins to set up user forums or profiles, Divi displays the default right-hand sidebar with no option to change or remove it. This is unfortunate. Thankfully, it’s easy to remove by changing one line in a template…