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How to Add Subtle Soft Shadow To Anything in Divi

This is a post by Justin Boughton written for nexus studios blog. He discuss about Add A Nice, Subtle Soft Shadow To Anything. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“If you’ve been following Elegant Themes lately, you’ve probably noticed the nice, subtle, soft shadow on their blog entries. They posted a guide on how to achieve that look here, but what if you want to use that shadow on other elements on your web site?…”

Box shadow of material design

Learn how to create a box shadow of material design. Use Google’s design trend to give your Divi project a modern look. Check it out now!

Add Material Design To Your Divi Website

Material Design was invented by Google in 2014 in an effort to combine tactile elements (based on the sense of touch) with technological possibilities of the real world and beyond. It capitalizes on the users familiarity with things like paper and ink and adds scientific realities like movement and shadows. It even stretches the real world limitations of technology and science just enough to bend but not break the rules of physics. The result is a design that is both familiar and magical at the same time….