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How to add custom text before shopping cart icon in Divi

This is a post by Girish Dadlani written for wpportfolio blog. He discuss about How to add text before shopping cart icon using jQuery in Divi theme…

Free Divi Layout Pack for a Coffee Shop

This is a post by Donjete written for elegant themes blog. This week Elegant Themes have created a tasty Coffee Shop Layout Pack with eight different pages that provide everything your average coffee shop will need to get up and running in just a few clicks. This eight-page coffee shop layout pack has everything you could possibly expect from a coffee shop website. Primarily; all of the practical information is continuously present on each layout of the website. There is a footer at the end of each one of the pages that shares the working hours and contact details elegantly and noticeably. On top of that, the visuals that are being provided in the different layouts are absolutely stunning and in line with the quality coffee you want to bring to your visitors….

Tips on how to seamlessly use Divi + WooCommerce

This is a post by Jason written for elegant themes blog. In this article the writer does a detailed writeup adding clarity and a few extra details/tips to his recent livestream by the same name. Don’t miss his excellent tips on how to seamlessly use Divi plus WooCommerce….

Disable Woocommerce “zoom” feature on product images

This is a solution by Alex Brinkman posted for Divi Theme Tutorials & Web Design Resources Facebook group. He discuss about disabling Woocommerce “zoom” feature on product images…

How to Add A Quick Add To Cart Button To The Divi Woocommerce Shop

Ever wanted a quick “Add To Cart” button? Here is a very quick tutorial on how to do just that…

Style a WooCommerce Product to Show Text Instead of an Icon on Hover in Divi

Sometimes styling WooCommerce can be a bit tricky, especially if your CSS game is a bit lacking or somewhat non-existent. What we’ll be doing today is changing what users see when they hover over a product….

How to set sidebar for woocommerce on the left

I am working with woocommerce and see that the default product detail for the sidebar is on the right. How can i set the sidebar on the left for the product detail?

Show minimum price for variable product in WooCommerce Shop

May I find out how I can get the Shop page to just display the minimum price for each variable product instead of showing the price range?

Getting Started with WooCommerce and Divi

In this post, we’ll go into detail about why we love WooCommerce, and why it’s integrated with Divi. We’ll also show you how to set it up and walk you through publishing your first product using the Divi Shop module….