Listing Category: Working with Menus

How to Create Fixed Promobar with Divi Builder

“Learn how you can build a promobar yourself with Divi WordPress Theme and just a few lines of javascript….”

Duplicate Elegant Theme’s Primary Menu with Divi

“We’re going to show you how to duplicate Elegant Theme’s primary menu using Divi. To implement the custom style and functionality of the button, we’ll be using a combination of CSS and jQuery….”

Create a Hamburger Icon for Your Divi Mega Menu

“In this tutorial we are going to show you how to use a hamburger icon to toggle a mega menu on click. This is a great solution for those sites with lots of menu options. The hamburger icon keeps the header clutter free. Plus the organized 4 column layout of the mega menu allows users to find what they need quickly and efficiently….”

Make the Background Color of the Divi Menu Different on Every Page

In today’s tutorial we’re going to use Divi’s page settings to create a unique menu color for every page….

Creative ways to use Divi anchor links

This article shows you 5 cool things you can do in Divi with anchor links. For these examples, all you need is Divi and a desire to learn. Let’s go…

Using Default Mobile Menu with the Centered Inline Logo Header

“Force the “Centered Inline Logo” header format to use the default hamburger format for the mobile header. This is a draft tip, meaning that it hasn’t been extensively tested and may not work perfectly. It is not yet included in Divi Booster, but I hope to be able to…”

Change Hover Color in Divi Secondary Nav

Can you please help me to change the hover color for the menu items just in the secondary menu?

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