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How to Increase the size of Divi Mobile Logo and Mobile Menu Text

This is a post by Robert Hobson written for divi notes blog. He discuss about Increasing The Size Of Your Divi Mobile Logo And Mobile Menu Text. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use a different logo image for your Divi site and also how to change the mobile logo size and increase the letter spacing and font size of the mobile menu text. Switching out the logo and increasing it’s size on smaller…”

Style The Divi Mobile Menu

This is a post by Clark Morton written for Two Blue Toucans blog. He discuss about Styling The Divi Mobile Menu. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“This post will show how to style the Divi mobile menu to give it a semi-transparent background, to colour the menu and submenu items, give the menu container round corners and change the hamburger to an ‘X’ when the menu is open. We will also show how to ‘fix’ the menu so that it remains visible when the mobile device is scrolled…”

Using Default Mobile Menu with the Centered Inline Logo Header

“Force the “Centered Inline Logo” header format to use the default hamburger format for the mobile header. This is a draft tip, meaning that it hasn’t been extensively tested and may not work perfectly. It is not yet included in Divi Booster, but I hope to be able to…”

Change mobile menu text “Select”

I would like to change the mobile menu. Instead of saying “Select” I’d like it to change it to “More Pages” and I also want to change the color….

Search field on mobile menu

Can someone tell me what CSS to use to fix the search field on the main full screen menu on a mobile?

Change color of blue line under mobile menu in Divi

When I open the sandwich mobile menu, there is a thin blue line below it. How can I change the color of this?

Add text to your Mobile Hamburger Menu Icon in Divi

Recently, one of our clients requested to have a text close to the hamburger menu icon in DIVI mobile view. Here’s the css solution we used…