Listing Category: Top Header

Change Hover Color in Divi Secondary Nav

Can you please help me to change the hover color for the menu items just in the secondary menu?

Taking the email symbol out of the secondary menu bar

The client would like just her number and not the email at the top, how can I take the email symbol out?

Secondary Menu TELEPHONE link to call

I would like from mobile to be able to click on the phone number in the secondary menu and it will call automatically….

Center secondary navigation bar content

Is there any way to center the menu names or even better to justify the content of the secondary navigation bar?

How to eliminate header and secondary header in all posts

I’m trying to create a custom header for all my blog posts. I want to know How to eliminate header and secondary header in all posts?

Modifying the Divi Drop Down Menu

This short video will show you how to modify the drop down menu that comes standard with Divi using CSS….

Add a Top bar line in DIVI

This is a quick CSS snippet if you want to add a nice Top bar line on your DIVI website….



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