Divi Timeline Layout

Here’s a pre built Divi layout that combined Divider & Text modules to create a simple timeline. It is a fancy-looking, simple timeline layout ready for you to use…

Divi Slider – Open link in a new window

“Use these simple steps to open the link in the full width slider in a separate tab or window. Step 1 – Prepare full width sliders Use your slider as usual. Then go to…”

Divi call to action – unify the height in a row

“By default, the height of the “call to actions” module (action call) is determined by the height of the text. If, for example, you want to display 2 or 3 modules next to each other, these usually have different heights because of the different text lengths. This looks a bit unsightly. With a little CSS, this can easily be compensated….”

Part 4 of Creating Grid Layouts with Divi’s Video Module

“In part four of our five part series we’re featuring a layout that will work great for product videos, e courses, and a lot more. And no extra code is required….”

Divi Developer Resources

If you want to hack the Divi core code then you may find these resources helpful in your quest….

Part 3 of Creating Grid Layouts with Divi’s Video Module

“In today’s continuation of our video module miniseries, we provide a light and dark version of a new video grid layout that you can accomplish with Divi’s built-in settings….”

Part 2 of Creating Grid Layouts with Divi’s Video Module

“We’re continuing our video module design series today with part two! In this post ET staff writer Jason Champagne shares another fantastic video grid layout you can create without any code whatsoever…”

How Divider module can be used to stylize and fancy up simple Headlines & Paragraphs

This is a post by LePasi written for teqme blog. He discuss about Using Divider Module to Style Headlines and Paragraphs. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“Let’s continue this week’s Divider Madness with a few Ideas on how we can use the Divider Module in combination with headlines…”

How to Increase the size of Divi Mobile Logo and Mobile Menu Text

This is a post by Robert Hobson written for divi notes blog. He discuss about Increasing The Size Of Your Divi Mobile Logo And Mobile Menu Text. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use a different logo image for your Divi site and also how to change the mobile logo size and increase the letter spacing and font size of the mobile menu text. Switching out the logo and increasing it’s size on smaller…”

Open Divi modules inside a popup without a plugin

This is a post by Fabrice written for creaweb2b blog. He discuss about How to open Divi content inside a popup, without use of any plugin. Here’s an excerpt of the article,
“A new tutorial coming from a question on facebook group Divi Theme Tutorials. The goal was to open a picture in a lightbox using a link. of course there are plugins to do that, but DIVI already use a lightbox system based on Magnific popup library. Better than install…”

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