Tuts Directory Fundraising Campaign

Tuts Directory Fundraising Campaign

Tuts Directory is a community driven project. It runs as a non-profit with costs of a top website: Servers, Research and development, Web apps. Tuts Directory is something special, we try to build a repository of solutions around various topics so that anyone can easily find solutions they are looking for in the web. We fund our site through donations and sponsorships. If this website is useful to you, Please take one minute to keep it online and growing.


Complete site revamp
For better user experience
Release value added products and services to the community
We plan to release value added products and services in coming months to make this site the go-to place to find resource for a particular topic
More Tutorial and Solution submissions
There will be more and more solution submissions to the Tuts Directory
More Tutorial web sites
There will be more site additions to Tuts Directory network which covers various topics
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If you have any questions, please email us at info@tutsdirectory.com
Thank you!

Tuts Directory Fundraising Campaign

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Donation Total: $20

With each contribution you will have helped us get a little closer to our goal. Let us explain the present donation buttons.
Support tuts directory project: you can help tuts directory project by donating twenty dollars. This amount is selected as default.
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Donors as of July 20, 2016 :

Wilk Davis
Dave Cocking
Michelle Nunan
Malte Mayrberger
Alan Smiles
Bryan Forsythe
Maureen Denny
Andy Mackinnon
Kolleen Shallcross
Sheryl Robinson
Jake Trunk
Debby Marcy
Deana Zelinova
Romaine Smith
Olga Summerhayes
Michael Dolphin
Rodrigo Gonzalez Bunster
Rui Pereira
John Lilly (Awesome Theme Designers) - Sponsor
Cheryl Hill
Terrance Hale
Michael Breslow
Natasja Atherton
Vachan Kudmule
Shannon Shaffer
Mor Cohen
Mario Peter
Tammy Grant (Sunflower Creatives) - Sponsor
David Blackmon
Al Harji